People Strategies for Trainers


The secrets and strategies trainers need for working with the most challenging learners.

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By Robert W. Lucas

All learners are not created equal, so it’s important for trainers and educators to create the proper environment in which all participants can maximize their potential. People Strategies for Trainers provides readers with dozens of tips and strategies for dealing with societal issues related to learners, showing them how to create training materials, and set up the learning environment.

In addition to older and younger learners, people with disabilities, and those who speak English as a second language, readers will learn how to communicate in challenging situations, and with different types of learners including:

  • talkers
  • poor listeners
  • distracted, shy and inconsiderate participants
  • show-offs and class clowns
  • and others
Helping trainers put theory to work, this book contains a wealth of tools and resources that will help trainers address diverse styles and needs, even in unexpected and difficult circumstances. 224 pages. softcover. 2005.



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