Peace Talks DVD Series


Teens learn to examine the choices they make and how they personally can reduce violence by making better, more peaceful choices.

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#6868   This is a research-based and award-winning program which applies multiple approaches that are known to be effective in reducing aggression and violence.

Hosted by Michael Pritchard, a well known teen counselor, the programs in this series include skills training, providing students with practical and easy-to-use techniques to avoid and reduce violence.

Teens learn to examine the choices they make and how they personally can reduce violence by making better, more peaceful choices.

Includes ten 30-minute DVDs with leader’s guides. SPECIAL: $479.00 for the ten-DVD series. Can purchase separately for $49.95 each.. Titles are:

  • Preventing Violence – Gives three basic strategies for avoiding and reducing violence.
  • Resolving Conflicts – Shows teens how to use communication skills to prevent and de-escalate violent situations.
  • Managing Your Anger – Discusses the friction inherent in daily life and how to recognize one’s anger buttons.
  • Dealing With Bullies – Deals with bullies and gangs, what to do when you feel afraid, how to protect yourself in threatening situations, how to help victims, and how to make our schools and neighborhoods safer.
  • Respecting Yourself and Others – Kids review how to handle insults and put-downs nonviolently.
  • Handling Dating Pressure and Harassment – Common dating issues are discussed, including misunderstandings between the sexes, the difference between flirting and sexual harassment, date rape, and more.
  • Bridging Racial Divisions – Explores how racial divisions affect everyone and also examines triggers to violence.
  • Handling Peer Pressure and Gangs – Discusses pressure to join gangs and also pressure by friends to do something you think is wrong.
  • Drugs, Alcohol, and Guns: Triggers to Violence – Shows teens the link between alcohol, other drugs, and weapons with violence.
  • Stepping Up to Peace – This program discusses how to break the chain of violence by developing concern for others and creating a positive sense of community.




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10-DVD Series, Bridging Racial Divisions, Dealing With Bullies, Drugs, Alcohol and Guns, Handling Peer Pressure and Gangs, Managing Your Anger, Preventing Violence, Resolving Conflicts, Respecting Yourself and Others, Stepping Up to Peace, Handling Dating Pressure and Harassment


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