Pathways to Peace Anger Management Workbook (3rd Edition)


Helps people unlearn the destructive patterns of their anger habit and replace it with peaceful alternatives.

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By William Fleeman

#5929  All over the world, thousands of people are verbally abused, physically assaulted, maimed or murdered every day because of anger and rage. Families are ruined, marriages ended, children traumatized, careers lost, opportunities missed and personal and public property destroyed. The habit of anger abuse is one that is reinforced socially. People learn to abuse anger from the examples set by parents, peers and the media.

This workbook, the official text for the self-help anger management program of the same name, helps people to unlearn these destructive patterns. It shows chronically angry people how to replace their anger habit with peaceful alternatives and respond to their anger triggers in nonviolent ways.

The program outlined in this workbook will help readers discover how they learned their anger pattern, focus on values and goals that support a rage-free lifestyle, and learn skills that will help them avoid relapsing into angry behavior.

The workbook has 18 sessions, each complete with personal stories and questions designed to help the reader understand their past experiences and how to move forward. It provides real answers for men and women who know that they have an anger problem and are looking for positive change.

212 pages. Softcover. 2003. $31.95. SPECIALS: 10 copies for $289.95; 100 copies for $2,596.00.

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