Pathfinder: Exploring Career and Educational Paths (4th Edition)


This popular workbook allows junior high school students to explore their interests and skills so they can make informed education and career choices.

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By Norene Lindsay
#7584  This edition has been completely updated to reflect the needs of today’s junior high/high school career curriculums. Teachers love to use this workbook as a class supplement for the following reasons:
  • Affordably priced
  • Easy and fun for students to use
  • Students learn to identify career interests, values, and preferences
  • Includes many hands-on activities and an extensive career interest checklist
  • Students consider options such as getting a job right out of high school, receiving job training beyond high school, or going to college
  • Advises on scheduling courses and activities to help meet long-term career goals
This edition features:
  • 14 career interest groups with each group divided into sub-groups.
  • The Individual Career Portfolio is a 6-panel foldout that is used to support career exploration/awareness activities in this workbook.
  • Expanded career interest group descriptions: All 14 groups now contain complete descriptions of all sub-groups within an interest area.
  • The Teacher’s Guide helps teachers plan individual or class activities that correspond to the student workbook and provides tips, techniques, and specific activities for structuring a career awareness program.
  • Updated to include technology, family, and consumer science topics.
  • 20 work values divided into 6 major areas.
  • Foundation skills from the Secretary’s Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS) Report used to illustrate the link between education and jobs.
  • More details on specific educational paths, including Technical/Trade, Associate’s Degree, College Prep, and College Prep+.
Suitable for junior high school students. 128 pages. Softcover. 2010. $27.50. SPECIALS: 10 copies of the workbook for $248.50; 100 copies for $2,375.00.
                         TABLE OF CONTENTS
   Part 1 – Career Paths: Discovering Your Career Interest Groups
   Part 2 – More Paths to Follow: Focusing Your Career Choices
   Part 3 – Educational Paths: Linking Education and Careers
   Part 4 – Researching Careers: Matching Your Choices With Jobs
   Part 5 – Planning for the Future: Keeping Records
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