Painkillers: Numbing the Mind (DVD)


Shows how opium and its derivatives, heroin and morphine, hijack our body’s natural pain-numbing ability.

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The human body manufactures its own painkillers to ensure survival when injured. This DVD program shows how opium and its derivatives, heroin and morphine, hijack that natural pain-numbing ability.

Illustrating the brain’s ability to alter its own chemistry when attacked by drugs, the program depicts the process by which brain receptors become desensitized and thus addicted.

Tranquilizers – and the potentially lifelong physical dependency and psychological problems they can cause – are also studied.

The findings of Brigitte Keiffer, Marc Valleur, Martine Cador, Emiliana Borelli, Alain Ehrenberg, and the Strasbourg Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics are featured.

Viewing time: 51 minutes. Closed-captioned. 2005. Purchase options: DVD, 3-year Streaming, or DVD plus 3-year Streaming; please see the Product Options box above when ordering.

This item is part of the Drugs and the Brain Series.

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