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Designed for anyone who wants to quickly design their own website by using powerful online resources

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ISBN: 1-57023-166-4

By Kristina M. Ackley and Hilary Benoit

Designed for anyone who wants to quickly design their own website by using powerful online resources, from dictionaries of coding definitions to free graphics. Identifies key tools and techniques as well as demonstrates how to create websites for personal and professional purposes. Includes everything from getting started to coding, graphics, and design basics to special effects, troubleshooting, and website promotion.

At your fingertips will be:

  • A comparison of good and bad Web sites
  • 10 ways to add fun to your Web site
  • Numerous tables, charts, and pull-outs
  • The basics of HTML coding and creating links
  • Where to get and how to manage your content
  • Top 10 Web design elements for maximum usability
  • The difference between text and WYSIWYG editors
  • Why we have a love/hate relationship with frames
  • How get your site picked up by search engines
  • Hundreds of Web sites and books to turn to for help

Here’s the book that will save you a great deal of time and money as you develop a powerful and exciting Web site based on the latest principles and techniques of effective Web design. Regardless of your experience level – whether designing your first or tenth site – you’ll want to turn to this book again and again as you further hone your Web development skills. 239 pages. 2002. Retail price: $17.95. SALE PRICE: $9.00!

  • Getting Started
  • The Tools You’ll Need – Page Creators and Image Editors
  • Good Design Basics
  • Content to Keep ‘Em Coming Back
  • Code Challenges
  • Your Best Image
  • Special Effects
  • Troubleshooting Your Efforts
  • Promoting Your Efforts
  • Appendix of Internet Sites


“An excellent first book for newcomers to web design and for those who have a little knowledge of the topic but need more skills. Chapters compare good and bad web sites and what makes them so, point out ways to add interest to a web site, and even tackle the basics of content and marketing. From design basics to coding challenges, Online Web Design is filled with important advice.”
Library Bookwatch

“It is truly one of the best and easiest books to understand on the subject of Web design.”
–National Book Network



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