O*NET Career Interests Inventory (3rd Edition)


This self-directed career exploration assessment helps workers and students identify their work-related interests, what they consider important on the job, and more.

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#4810  This best-selling inventory helps individuals match their interests to O*NET job titles. In just 30 minutes, test takers respond to 180 work activity statements, uncover their top RIASEC interest areas, and review an extensive list of related O*NET occupations categorized by required preparation (the U.S. Department of Labors five job zones).

In-depth suggestions for further research help individuals explore career options. A job information worksheet gives guidance for evaluating occupations.

In this edition, the work activity statements have been reviewed and updated to reflect changes in technology, the economy, and the workplace. The job titles have been extensively updated to conform to the latest O*NET taxonomy.

This inventory is self-scoring and self-interpreting and is based on decades of research. It makes an ideal starting point for anyone engaging in career exploration.

Twelve-panel foldout. 8½ x 11. © 2012. Suitable for middle school through adults. PRICE: One package of 25 instruments for $75.00. SPECIALS: 10 packages (250) for $719.95; 20 packages (500) for $1,399.00; 40 packages (1,000) for $2,599.00; 60 packages (1,500) for $3,719.00; 80 packages (2,000) for $4,799.00; 100 packages (2,500) for $5,799.00.

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1 package (25), 10 packages (250), 20 packages (500), 40 packages (1,000), 60 packages (1,500), 80 packages (2,000), 100 packages (2,500)


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