Official Dice Technology Job Search Guide


How to search for an information technology job.

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By Dice Career Solutions, Inc.

You’ve just hired a personal job-search agent. Pursuing an IT job is not like any other job search. So if you approach the search the way you would look for a job in sales or manufacturing, for example, you may not be doomed to failure, but you can expect frustration.

The Official Dice Technology Job Search Guide shows you how and where to look for that technology position, how to effectively interview for it, and how to land the job of your dreams.

This book also reveals:

  • Which skills are in demand in today’s market
  • A complete overview of jobs that exist in IT, helping you decide what you want
  • Step-by-step procedures for finding a job right out of school, changing careers to IT, advancing your career, and more
  • What training and certification will boost your chances
  • How to evaluate your strengths and learn to promote them with asset statements
  • How to structure your resume and cover letter to open doors
  • How to make a good impression and demonstrate your knowledge in the interview
  • Where the jobs are – job fairs, recruiters, and
Plus, read eye-opening testimonials from real IT professionals who talk candidly about what their jobs entail and how they feel about them! 264 pages. Softcover. 2007.




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