Offender Reintegration Scale (2nd Edition)

This self-scoring and self-interpreting instrument measures potential barriers to re-entry success for ex-offenders in five major categories: Basic Needs, Job Search, Family Concerns, Life Skills, and Career Development.

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By John Liptak, Ed.D.

SECOND EDITION IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. REPLACED BY A THIRD EDITION AND RETITLED Barriers to Reentry Success Inventory (#9801). Price remains the same. Click HERE to order the Third Edition.

#6190  This unique self-scoring assessment identifies the challenges offenders will face upon release and re-entry into society. It measures barriers in five major categories: basic needs, job search, family, wellness, and career development.

With this tool, counselors and administrators can quickly identify their clients’ main concerns. In addition, the Offender Reintegration Scale (ORS) can be used as both a pre-release and post-release measure.

The ORS thus helps offenders and ex-offenders develop a plan for overcoming the barriers that have been identified.

Users rate their level of skill on 96 general work tasks, representing the most widely used transferable skills in the world. They then score those items into 8 scales representative of the most common transferable skills sets:

  • Analytical
  • Numerical
  • Interpersonal
  • Organizational
  • Physical
  • Informational
  • Communicative
  • Creative

Based on this information, users explore jobs related to their strongest transferable skills. Takes 20-25 minutes to complete and score.

The ORS is intended for use by correctional treatment specialists, correctional counselors, pre-trial services officers, probation officers, parole officers, juvenile court counselors, correctional facility administrators, rehabilitation counselors, pre-release counselors, residential placement counselors, and residential re-entry counselors. No special training is required to administer or interpret the assessment.

2016. 8½ x 11. Package of 25 for $61.95.

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