Nobodies to Somebodies: How 100 Great Careers Got Started


Based on interviews with 100 fascinating people who figured out how to find and pursue big opportunities, this book identifies key ingredients for success.

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By Peter Han

There is no single road to success; no formula to get you from nobody to somebody. But there are lessons that we can learn from the careers of successful people. To prove his point, the author interviewed 100 American leaders. He didn’t limit his search to high-powered CEOs; the list includes actor John Lithgow, novelist Tom Clancy, Pulitzer Prizewinning cartoonist Mike Lukovich, and Marsha Evans, the president of the American Red Cross.

The diversity of success paths makes Nobodies to Somebodies a great read for people of all ages and all walks of life. Synthesizes 14 big lessons that anyone can apply, including pay the rent first, conquer the world later; become the big fish by mastering the small pond; and learn when to stay and when to go. 256 pages. Hardcover. 2005.



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