New Bully Free Classroom: Proven Prevention and Intervention Strategies for Teachers K-8 (rev. and updated 3rd edition , with CD-ROM)


Shows teachers how create a peaceful, caring classroom that promotes a sense of belonging in all students and stops bullying in its tracks.

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By Allan L. Beane, Ph.D.

This updated version of the popular Bully Free Classroom takes a closer look at what bullying is and puts more emphasis on the role (and power) of bystanders. It includes a new chapter focusing on empowering bystanders to be allies to those who are being bullied.

This edition also includes:
  • new examples and scenarios
  • thorough examination of relational bullying
  • in-depth look at cyberbullying, including specific technologies such as Facebook and texting
Because labels diminish people, Beane is careful to say “kids who bully” instead of “bullies”; “targets of bullying” instead of “victims” or “victims of bullying.”
Support is provided for teachers, counselors, and supervisors, including a ready-to-use PowerPoint presentation for pre-service and in-service training. The CD-ROM contains all reproducible forms, surveys, handouts, and letters to parents and caregivers found in the book; it also has several bonus handouts geared to the youngest students.
  • Chapters for empowering bystanders, helping targets, and helping those who bully
  • More than 100 activities, discussions, and projects
  • More than 40 reproducible handouts for students and teachers
  • Up-to-date research and statistics about bullying
  • Extensive references and resources
In addition to revising and updating existing activities, the author provides new activities, among which are:
  • Help Students Understand Cyberbullying
  • Teach Cyberbullying Prevention
  • Build Awareness About Relational Bullying
  • Be Aware of CliquesCope With Cliques
  • Help Bystanders Understand Their Role
  • Help Bystanders Develop Empathy
  • Teach Bystanders Skills
  • Provide Opportunities for Bystanders to Practice Skills
  • Give Bystanders Assertiveness Skills
  • On-the-Spot Responding
  • Help Students Self-Assess Cyberbullying Traits
The New Bully Free Classroom is an excellent stand-alone resource that can also complement and support larger initiatives for bullying prevention and response, such as Responsive Classroom, the Olweus Program, and other models.
192 pages, softcover, lay-flat binding, 8.5 x 11. Comes with a CD-ROM. Perfect for educators, counselors, and youth workers. Suitable for Grades K-8.
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