Moving On Curriculum: A Program for At-Risk Women


This program provides women with alternatives to criminal activity by helping them identify and mobilize personal and community resources.

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By Marilyn Van Dieten, Ph.D.
#6368   Since 1995, the total number of female state and federal prison inmates has grown 5% each year. Since women tend to serve as family caregivers, and that their incarceration affects the entire household, this statistic has implications for our entire society.
This gender-specific program addresses many risk factors that can lead to a woman’s criminal behavior. It provides women with alternatives to criminal activity by helping them identify and mobilize personal and community resources. Moving On:
  • Is a flexible, open-ended intervention program that allows continuous intake
  • Draws on the evidence-based treatment models of relational theory and cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Can be administered to groups or individuals in community corrections as well as institutional settings
  • Can be delivered in as little as nine or as many as 13 weeks
Program content is organized around four main themes:
  1. Encouraging personal responsibility and enhancing motivation for change
  2. Expanding connections and building healthy relationships
  3. Skill enhancement, development, and maintenance
  4. Relaxation and stress management skills

The complete Moving On program includes six modules delivered in five facilitator’s guides, a CD-ROM containing the program manual and all reproducible handouts, and one DVD featuring real Moving On participants demonstrating the skills they learned in the program. Copyright 2010. $625.00. SPECIALS: 2 programs for $1,199.00; 5 programs for $2,999.00; 10 programs for $5,799.00.

The facilitator’s guides are:
  • Modules 1 and 6: Transitions
  • Module 2: Listening and Being Heard
  • Module 3: Building Healthy Relationships
  • Module 4: Expressing Emotions
  • Module 5: Making Connections and Staying Healthy
Features of the Moving On program include:
  • Focuses on responsivity issues for women offenders
  • Helps women identify and mobilize both personal and community resources
  • Based on an educational and cognitive skill-building approach
  • Can be delivered over 9 to 13 weeks in small groups or on an individual basis by trained correctional practitioners
  • Ideal for all criminal justice settings



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