Motivation Breakthrough: 8 Secrets to Turning on the Tuned-Out Child


Focuses on how to motivate children who are unmotivated to learn.

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By Richard Lavoie

“If he only would apply himself…”
“She can do it if she puts her mind to it.”
“He just doesn’t seem to care.”
“She’s just not trying.”

Motivation is the key to learning. But very few parents and teachers have an effective arsenal of techniques at their disposal.

This book’s practical, innovative approach begins with a quiz that helps a parent or teacher identify – using six different possible models – a child’s motivational style:

  • Is she motivated by power?
  • Does he need prestige?
  • Does praise mean a lot to this child?
  • Does contact with other people inspire this child?
  • Does he like to do projects?
  • Does she enjoy receiving prizes?

The author then explores each motivational style in depth, presenting proven techniques, strategies, and scripts that can be used in the classroom and at home to break through a child’s apathy and discouragement and inspire him to succeed and achieve.

Along the way, the book reveals some common myths about motivation. For instance, it shows that rewards, punishment, and competition are not effective motivational tools.

Specific advice is given throughout for parents and teachers of children with learning disabilities, and detailed instructions are provided for creating a motivated classroom.

Lavoie outlines the parent’s role, the teacher’s role, and suggests ways in which they can work together toencourage children to reach their potential.

The book’s final chapter, “What Does Madison Avenue Know…That Maple Street Elementary School Doesn’t,” reveals what parents and teachers can learn from some of the most powerful motivators in our children’s world: advertisers.

400 pages. Softcover. 2007.



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