Military-to-Civilian Transition Pocket Guide (2nd Edition)


Filled with the latest strategies and timeless tips for launching a successful military-to-civilian transition, this revealing pocket guide helps users every step of the way.

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ISBN 978-1-57023-382-1 (softcover); 1-57023-383-8 (eBook)

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By Ronald L. Krannich, Ph.D.

#7192. Each year over 250,000 military personnel and families leave their respective service for new careers in the civilian world. Faced with the challenging tasks of writing a resume, contacting potential employers, interviewing, negotiating salary, or starting a business, many veterans and their families need a “trusted friend” to coach them through the challenging transition process.

Filled with the latest strategies and timeless tips for launching a successful military-to-civilian transition, this revealing pocket guide helps users:

  • identify transferable military-to-civilian skills
  • locate the best military-friendly jobs and employers
  • develop the right attitudes
  • assess skills and state goals
  • complete applications and write resumes and letters
  • conduct an effective online job search
  • attend and work job fairs effectively
  • network, interview, and negotiate compensation

It also covers such important subjects as starting a business, surviving on the job, planning for retirement, documenting experience, finding a federal job, and identifying references. Jam-packed with engaging checklists, tips, examples, and exercises, this handy guide may well change your life! 64 pages. 2016.


Planning Your Transition 1

Planning for Retirement 1

Military-to-Civilian Transition Services 2

Job Search Information and Skills 3

10 Steps to Job Search Success 3

What’s Your Job Search IQ? 4

How’s Your Attitude? 7

Translating Military Experience 9

Translating Job Titles and Education 12

Identify Your Transferable Skills 14

Motivated Abilities and Skills (MAS) 15

State a Clear Objective or Goal 16

Complete Winning Applications 18

Avoid Common Resume Mistakes 19

Use the Internet Wisely 21

Community-Based Opportunity Networks 22

Attend Military-Friendly Job Fairs 24

Top 50 Military-Friendly Employers 26

Start Your Own Business 28

Finding a Federal Job 30

Network Your Way to Success 31

Prepare for Job Interviews 34

Avoid Common Interview Errors 35

Handle Red Flags Tactfully 37

Prepare to Answer Key Questions 38

Ask Informative Questions 41

Close and Exit the Interview Properly 42

Follow Up the Interview Quickly 43

Avoid 20 Salary Mistakes 44

Accept the Job Offer 45

Job Survival and Success 46

Survive and Thrive on the Job 46

10 Job Survival Strategies 47

Conduct an Annual Career Check-Up 47

Documentation and Resources 48

Personal Information 48

Education Snapshot 50

College/University Attended 51

Other Education/Training 52

Work History/Experience 53

Other Noteworthy Experiences 54

Identify Your Best References 55

Transition Assistance Websites 57

Order Form/Resources 58

Order Form 58

Military Spouses and Transition Guides 60

THE AUTHOR: Ron Krannich is one of America’s leading career and travel writers who has authored more than 100 books, including The Military Spouse’s Employment Pocket Guide, Military-to-Civilian Resumes and Letters, Military-to-Civilian Success for Veterans and Their Families, and the annual 250,000+ copy Military-to-Civilian Transition Guide.

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