Military-to-Civilian Resumes and Letters: How to Best Communicate Your Strengths to Civilian Employers (3rd Edition)


Here’s the book that provides important answers to the many questions facing job seekers with military experience.

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ISBN: 978-1-57023-267-1 (13-digit), 1-57023-267-9 (10-digit)

“Transitioning to the civilian work world can be filled with challenge, especially for those who don’t have a resume detailing their goals and objectives. That’s why Military-to-Civilian Resumes and Letters is so important…. Military and career libraries in particular will welcome this transitional title.”

California Bookwatch

By Carl S. Savino, Major, USAR (Ret.), and Ronald L. Krannich, Ph.D.

#5726  Transitioning to the civilian work world is filled with challenges. It’s especially difficult for those who lack a powerful one- or two-page resume crystalizing what they want to do next with their life.

Why should someone want to invite you to a job interview and possibly hire you? Can you tell a prospective employer what it is you have done, can do, and will do for them in the future? What evidence can you present so an employer can best predict your future productivity in a civilian job?

More specifically, can you translate your military experience into the language of civilian employers? Can you write powerful resumes and letters that grab the attention of employers who, in turn, will want to immediately call you for a job interview?

Here’s the book that provides important answers to these and many other questions facing job seekers with military experience. Written by the authors of the popular “Corporate Gray Series” for transitioning military personnel, this book provides all the necessary information for writing and distributing stand-out resumes and letters. The book:

  • Identifies 12 major myths and mistakes
  • Outlines a 10-step job search process
  • Reveals 69 key writing, production, distribution, and follow-up principles
  • Specifies a 6-step military-to-civilian language translation process
  • Includes examples of 105 resumes and 28 letters
  • Examines both conventional and electronic resumes
  • Identifies nearly 400 key military transition and employer websites

Rich with examples and sound career planning advice, the book also includes several unique self-evaluation instruments, resume data forms, a directory of career professionals, and an extensive resource section of more than 200 career and life skills books. Use this well-written guide to give yourself that extra edge in communicating your qualifications to civilian employers! 368 pages. 7 x 10. July 2007.

  1. Why Should We Interview and Hire You?
  2. Killer Resume Myths and Mistakes
  3. 69 Resume Rules for Maximizing Your Effectiveness
  4. Conduct Two Resume Evaluations
  5. Translating Military Experience Into Civilian Language
  6. Resume Examples by Occupations
  7. Electronic Resumes and Job Search Effectiveness
  8. Essential Letters for Job Search Success
  9. Effective Letter Writing
  10. Creating Your Resume Database
  11. Resumes and Letters From Career Professionals
  12. When Going Alone Is Not Enough

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