Methamphetamine: Its History, Pharmacology, and Treatment


Written by two of America’s leading addiction and criminal justice experts, this is the definitive book about methamphetamine’s impact on individuals, communities, and society.

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By Ralph Weisheit, Ph.D., and William A. White, M.A.

In recent years, the media have inundated us with coverage of the horrors that befall methamphetamine users, and the fires, explosions, and toxic waste created by meth labs that threaten the well-being of innocent people.

This book examines the nature and extent of meth use in the United States, from meth’s early reputation as a “wonder drug” to the current perception that it is a “scourge” of society.
In separating fact from fiction, Weisheit and White provide context for understanding the meth problem by tracing its history and the varying patterns of use over time, then offer an in-depth look at:
  • the latest scientific findings on the drug’s effects on individuals
  • the myths and realities of the drug’s impact on the mind
  • the national and international implications of methamphetamine production
  • the drug’s impact on rural communities, including a case study of two counties in the Midwest
  • issues in addiction and treatment of meth 
Thoroughly researched and highly readable, Methamphetamine offers a comprehensive understanding of medical, social, and political issues concerning this highly impactful drug.
285 pages. Softcover. 2009.



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