Me, Myself, and I, Inc


Almost every employee in America has witnessed first-hand or as a spectator life-altering work trauma.

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ISBN: 1-57023-093-5

By Shirley Porter, Keith Porter, and Christine Bennett

Almost every employee in America has witnessed first-hand or as a spectator life-altering work trauma. Be it downsizing, outsourcing, re-engineering, job obsolescence, or a host of other unpleasant work realities, these revolutionary changes are here to stay. The good news is that these same rapid, constant, and permanent changes in the employment marketplace which put many people out of work also create exciting opportunities for others. The big question is not whether these changes will affect your work, but when. Will you be ready?

Me, Myself and I, Inc: 10 Steps to Career Independence will prepare you emotionally, financially, and professionally for these sweeping changes in your work future. The book shares the secrets that its authors discovered while training and consulting with employers and individuals on gaining career independence. The authors have distilled their knowledge into a process that will guide you step by step in how to become career independent. As the books title indicates, it’s time to think of yourself as an independent, business-like economic entity. The authors call the new work environment the molecular marketplace.

This term reflects the reality that individuals (not just large businesses) have a place in the rich, economic stew, and that there is constant interrelationships in the mixture. By following the book’s ten steps, you will learn how to:

  • think about yourself as a business with a product to sell your skills and experience
  • select the right livelihood and niches
  • build your competitive advantage so that you stand out in a crowd
  • make your finances work for you when the risks are higher, but so are the rewards
  • market your services
  • find the balance you want between work and the rest of your life
  • develop a powerful plan for success in your future.

No one who works for a living should be without Me, Myself and I, Inc: 10 Steps to Career Independence. It can make all the difference between prospering on the cutting edge of the workplace revolution, or being left to do the work (and get the pay) that no one else wanted.

“…A very practical guide for today’s workers….In this era of ever-faster change, everyone who works can benefit from the principles contained in this book.”
Orange County Register



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