McGraw-Hill Handbook of Business Letters (4th Edition)


Filled with over 300 business letters covering a wide variety of business situations.

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By Roy W. Poe

Over 300 business letters – already written for you, covering a variety of situations: collections, sales promotions, applications, employee relations, congratulations, announcements, appointments, problem customers, rejections, social events, speaking engagements, suppliers, sympathy, job offers, and more.

Use this book to help you get the response you want, with ready-to-use letters that give your message impact. Each full-length letter comes with a brief analysis of its style, tone, and psychology.

Use the letters as as given, or bring up the particular letter you need on the enclosed computer disk, follow the guidelines, and adapt it to your specific situation. You’ll even find simple ways to improve your grammar, write clearly and directly, and use action words that make your ideas come alive. 400 pages. Softcover. November 2005.




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