Mastering the Interview: It’s Not What You Say (DVD)


Shows how to handle a job interview, covering everything from the initial handshake to dress and attitude, and how to answer tough questions.

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It’s been compared to a first date, but the interview doesn’t have to be a terrifying experience. In fact, interviewing is a skill that anyone can learn with this must-have DVD.

Communication expert Bill Cakmis walks viewers through the interview process, including what kinds of questions to ask and how to answer the toughest queries. Listen as he shares the tools and techniques that will get you the job – or at least another interview!

Learn about dress, attitude, and the all-important handshake. Plus, how your success is often determined before you ever say a word!

What’s more, Bill has everything you need to know about the informational interview – the newest tool for getting the job you want in a career you love.

Comes with an instructor’s guide. Viewing time: 20 minutes. 2003.

This item is part of the Mastering the Art of Communication Series.




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