Mastering and Using Emotional Intelligence in a Multi-Generational Workforce (DVDs)


These two great new videos give viewers a better understanding of the issues facing a multi-generational workforce and managing it successfully for the benefit of all.

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#9351 Today’s workforce is unlike any we’ve ever seen or experienced. It’s made up of a diverse mix of individuals drawn from different backgrounds, cultures, skills, interests, personalities, education, and emotions. In fact, it’s not unusual to find five different generations of employees working together. Anger, conflict, stress, and addiction abound, reflecting many disconnects and dysfunctions of the larger society.
Two recently produced DVDs (2016) address many of the key issues affecting today’s turbulent workplaces. Emotional Intelligence (viewing time: 90 minutes, $99.95) focuses on one of the least understood but most important elements of effective leadership – the ability to stay calm and in control of every situation. Leading a Cross-Generational Workforce (viewing time: 80 minutes, $149.95) focuses on generational trends in the workplace and shows how to get different generations to pull together as a team. Taken together, these two exciting DVDs go a long way to better understanding today’s workplace and identifying what needs to be done to make it more appealing to those who want to find greater meaning and purpose in their work lives.
Copyright 2016. Nearly 3 hours running time. Can purchase each separately. SPECIAL: Both DVDs for $229.95.

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