Marijuana: The Gateway Drug 2.0 (DVD)


Describes the dangers of marijuana for teenagers and young adults, especially how its use leads to experimentation with other drugs.

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Logan texts Lee the shocking news that Dana has been kicked out of school for smoking marijuana on campus. Lee thinks the school administration is wrong for making such a big deal since its only weed. Logan thinks Dana made a big mistake, risking everything by smoking pot.
This typical debate between students leads this marijuana prevention video, with students whove learned the hard way passing on their knowledge that marijuana starts a lifestyle of drug use. Their first joint can lead students to hard drugs, prison, or even death.
Former teen users beg students not to take that step.
Logan and Lee keep chatting through the show, and eventually Dana gets her act together, successfully completing drug treatment. Marijuana: the Gateway Drug has a strong anti-drug message: marijuana is not a harmless drug – its illegal and its use brings harsh consequences.
Targeted audience: teenagers. Viewing time: 22 minutes. 2010.
This product is part of the Most Used, Most Abused Drug Series.


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