Living Skills Complete Collection: A 12-Session Video/Workbook Program


Consisting of 12 separate training programs (each consisting of a DVD, facilitator’s guide, 10 workbooks), this unique program provides integrated, diagnosis-specific treatment to help participants manage the day-to-day challenges of life.

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#9533. Newly revised and updated (© 2018), this unique Video/Workbook training program provides integrated, diagnosis-specific treatment to help participants manage their day-to-day life challenges. The program examines 12 skills essential to success in life, which are divided into 12 topics/sessions of two collections (Personal Growth and Practical Guidance).

Six topics/sessions in the PERSONAL GROWTH collection cover the internal skills needed to be a positive member of a community. The topics/sessions include:

  1. Making Decisions
  2. Refusal Skills
  3. Interpersonal Skills
  4. Values and Responsibilities
  5. Setting and Attaining Goals
  6. Parenting and Child Development

Six topics/sessions in the PRACTICAL GUIDANCE collection provide information on the day-to-day external skills needed to live a healthy life. The topics/sessions include:

  1. Hygiene and Self-Care
  2. Sexual Health
  3. Looking for Work
  4. Education
  5. Managing Money
  6. Securing Housing

Each program includes 1 video (DVD), 1 facilitator’s guide, and 10 workbooks. Each video shows the relevant skill in action.

Ideal for treatment, mental health, criminal justice, and a variety of other settings, this program provides all the tools necessary to help participants live healthy, fulfilling lives.

The complete collection includes:

  • 12 facilitator guides (one per topic)
  • 12 videos on 12 DVDs (one per topic),
  • 10 workbooks per topic/session (120 total workbooks)

Copyright © 2018. Can purchase 12 sessions separately at $255.00 per session. SPECIALS: Complete program of 12 sessions for $2,625.00; 5 programs for $12,600.00; 10 programs for $24,150.00. Additional Facilitator’s Guide per session: $59.95. Additional 10 Workbooks per session: $44.90.


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1 Program, 5 Programs, 10 Programs, Making Decisions Session, Refusal Skills Session, Values & Responsibilities Session, Setting & Attaining Goals Session, Parenting & Child Development Session, Hygiene & Self-Care Session, Sexual Health Session, Looking for Work Session, Education Session, Managing Money Session, Securing Housing Session, Additional Facilitator's Guide, Additional 10 Workbooks


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