Living in the Real World Activity Units (CD)


These financial literacy activity units are packed with activities that teach students to live in the real world as they use the following skills: math, reading, writing, reasoning, creative, and cooperative learning.

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#7947  These financial literacy activity units are all given on one CD. Each unit is packed with activities that teach your students to live in the real world as they use their math, reading, writing, reasoning, and creative skills.
Each unit includes an assessment, student activities, and an in-depth teacher’s guide. Each teacher’s guide includes the Common Core State Standards alignment for each activity, a detailed description of each activity, hundreds of pages of activities, and a teacher’s key with answers.
Every aspect of financial literacy is covered with hundreds of pages of up-to-date, self-contained activities to choose from in PDF format. Suitable for high school and older. Aligned to Common Core State Standards. Copyright 2018.
Each unit can be purchased separately (on one CD) for $35.00. SPECIAL: $275.00 for one CD containing all 11 units – a savings of $110.00.
The 11 activity units are:
  1. Bills, Budgets, and Bank Accounts. In this activity, students must work with every aspect of “Cary Cash’s” personal finances, including maintaining his checking account, paying bills, making purchases, using credit and insurance, budgeting, and much more.
  2. Buying the Basics. Your students undoubtedly already spend a lot of their money on food and clothing. So, whether it’s fast food or fine dining, fads or fashions, or just plain grocery shopping, these activities will teach your students to get the most for their money.
  3. My Budget. Most of us have limited incomes, so we need to learn to budget well. These activities will teach your students the budgeting skills they’ll need so they don’t run short of money before the end of the month.
  4. My Credit. Credit is part of our daily lives, from credit cards to car loans and home mortgages. By doing these activities, your students will learn the nuts and bolts of using “today’s” credit, including the 2009 Credit Card Accountability Act.
  5. My Insurance. Insurance is a necessity we don’t like to think about or spend our money on. These activities will teach students to understand their health, life, and property insurance so they know what to expect when the unexpected happens.
  6. My Money. Money makes the world go round, and your students must learn how to make their money work. From checking accounts to savings accounts, to stocks and bonds, these activities will teach them to spend, save, and invest their money wisely.
  7. My Paycheck. What we make is not what we get to keep, and that is just one of the many lessons your students will learn from these activities about getting paid.
  8. My Place. The reproducible activities here cover every aspect of renting an apartment, living with roommates, and buying a home, letting students do much more than just read and answer questions.
  9. My Wheels. Today’s consumers are being offered a variety of transportation choices, from traditional gasoline-powered cars to hybrids and all-electrics. The activities in this unit encourage students to use all of their skills.
  10. Shopping Smart. Students spend money daily on the things they want and need. These activities will teach them to shop smart so they get the most for their money.
  11. Trivia Time. These trivia games are not trivial. They’ll teach your students the fundamentals of personal finance while they compete against each other.
Click here to download a sample teacher’s guide and sample pages.

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Complete 11-Unit Program, Bills, Budgets, & Bank Accounts, My Budget, My Money, My Credit, My Wheels, Buying the Basics, My Paycheck, My Place, My Insurance, Shopping Smart, Trivia Time


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