Life Without A Crutch Training Program


Here’s the training program that does it all in helping inmates take control of their lives in overcoming addiction.

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By Linda Ingraham, Ph.D.

#1353   MAJOR PRICE REDUCTION — 50% (from $995.00 to $499.00)! This popular 30-hour training program helps inmates overcome addiction. Brings addicts face-to-face with the realities of addiction and helps them take responsibility and control of their lives in overcoming addiction. This 30-hour group pre-treatment training program:


  • Prepares offenders for recovery from all forms of addiction
  • Reduces denial, enhances self-honesty and motivation
  • Supports all types of recovery formats
Based on a nationally acclaimed handbook, this package comes complete with an easy-to-use trainer’s manual ( includes reproducible student exercises) and 15 copies of the textbook, Life Without a Crutch.

$499.00. SPECIALS: Manual available separately for $399.00. Textbook available separately (see #514) for $7.95 each, 10 copies for $74.50, or 100 copies for $695.00.


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Complete Training Program, Training Manual only, 1 textbook, 10 textbooks, 100 textbooks


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