LifeSteps DVD Series (Grades 6-12)


This series is designed to build these critical traits and help viewers become the best people they can be.

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With Michael Pritchard

#3899¬† ¬†Character, resiliency, and emotional intelligence these qualities are all essential for today’s young people to become responsible, caring and successful adults. The 12-DVD Life Steps series is designed to build the critical traits of character, resiliency, and emotional intelligence, and help viewers become the best people they can be.

The series features actual students filmed in actual schools and uses lively, spontaneous discussions, dramatized dilemmas, topical humor, and the sensitive, supportive guidance of Michael Pritchard, a youth counselor/comedian, to encourage, engage, and educate viewers.

Each DVD reflects a multi-ethnic student group, is approximately 28 minutes, and includes a Leader’s Guide. Closed-captioned. Suitable for Grades 6-12. 2003. $59.95 each. SPECIAL: complete series of 12 DVDs and leader’s guides for $689.00.

  • The ABCs of Emotional Intelligence – Outlines the key elements of emotional intelligence.
  • Knowing Who You Are – Teens learn to reflect on their own behavior, learn from experience, and develop the ability to resist peer pressure.
  • Taking Charge – Builds the emotional skills of responsibility as students integrate the fundamentals of self-control.
  • Bouncing Back – Teaches the essentials of resiliency.
  • Empathy, Caring and Compassion – Students explore the critical skills that comprise these, especially having the moral imperative to help those in need, such as victims of bullying.
  • Creative Problem Solving – Teaches teens how to identify problems, deal with them forthrightly, brain-storm options, and choose positive solutions.
  • Getting Along With Others – Teens learn positive ways to conduct themselves in various situations.
  • Building Character – Teaches the elements of character as teens learn to navigate the dilemmas of adolescence.
  • Respect – Barriers to respect are explored as students learn that empathy and respect are the basis of all healthy relationships.
  • Responsibility – Teens learn the importance of dependability and trustworthiness.
  • Developing Healthy Relationships – Teens learn to build their own personal support system, discern true friends, and develop positive refusal skills.
  • Doing Your Best – This program instills the essential skills of success: motivation, commitment, goal setting, persistence, and more. An appreciation of excellence is stressed.





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