Life Skills for Independent Living CD Program


Introduces users to important independent living skills, including opening a checking account, wise use of credit, renting an apartment, and consumer shopping skills.

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This new series of 8 CD packages focuses on key independent living skills, such as learning to use a checking account, understanding credit and loans, being a smart consumer, and renting an apartment.

Students use the dynamic, interactive PowerPoints on the CD to assess their knowledge and learn important life skills. PowerPoints contain assistive technology that reads through the slides. Functional academic worksheets support instruction in academic standards while learning key life skills.
Easy to use and administer, each package is a complete instructional unit with over 10 hours of instruction per topic. Each CD package includes the following files (Word and PowerPoint):
  1. Instructor’s Notes – with Scope and Sequence Chart and implementation tips
  2. Rubrics – to help in evaluating performance
  3. Student Competencies – list of competencies to be attained upon completion
  4. “First Look” Interactive PowerPoint Pre-Post Test with audio supports
  5. “First Look” Interactive Tutorial PowerPoint with audio supports
  6. Score Report Form and Key – to record student responses
  7. Functional Academic Worksheets – supporting math and English standards
  8. Word Search and Key
  9. Additional topic-area Worksheets
  10. Certificate

The complete series consists of 8 independent living programs:

  • Banking: Checking and Savings
  • Banking: Credit and Loans
  • Getting Around
  • Living on Your Own
  • Skills for Buying a Car
  • Renting an Apartment
  • Life Skills for the Telephone
  • Consumer Shopping
Available in two reading versions: 3rd-4th grade reading level (ideal for special needs students, ex-offenders, and others with lower-level literacy skills) and 6th-8th grade reading level. Please specify which you want, when ordering; if not, we automatically ship the 6th-8th grade version. Copyright 2012.
$160.00 per program for a single user at one site; $259.00 per program for multiple users (site license) at one site. SPECIAL: $1,319.00 for all 8 single-user programs, or $1,999.00 for all 8 site-license programs (please see the Product Options box above). If you want to order a single program, please call us at 800-361-1055 to place your order.




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