Learning English Steps 1-2-3 (DVDs)


The perfect resource for beginning English-language students and others needing to learn English, from middle school through adults.

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Designed for anyone who is new to the language, this comprehensive DVD set includes 83 developmental lessons and practice exercises in the basics of listening, speaking, reading, and writing in English.

Combining colorful computer graphics and proven teaching methods, Learning English Steps 1-2-3 uses real-world situations – such as conversations in a restaurant, at the bank, at the airport, on the job – to help viewers learn the basics of English.

Step 1 starts with the verb “to be,” then goes on to pronouns, contractions, questions and answers, time expressions, and more.

Step 2 teaches conjugating verbs in the various present, past, and future tenses; making commands and requests; and more.

Step 3 focuses on using English in the workplace: communication with co-workers and supervisors, personnel issues, telephone use, job interviews, raises, promotions, and more.

Nine DVDs provide a total viewing time of 11 hours, 5 minutes. Free downloadable study guide. SPECIAL: $299.95 for the complete set. The product includes instructions on how to download a free study guide.

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