KeyWords to Nail Your Job Interview


Here’s the first book to focus on how to use keywords in the critical job interview.

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ISBN: 1-57023-212-1

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By Wendy S. Enelow

To strangers who know little about your actual work performance, you are what you say and do in the job interview. Your choice of language tells employers who you are professionally and your potential to do your best for that employer.

The secret is finally out: KeyWords are not just for resumes and cover letters – they are also critically important to ace the job interview. An abbreviated or short-hand language associated with a specific industry, profession, or job function, KeyWords can make or break your candidacy.

Indeed, a single KeyWord or KeyWord Phrase can have a powerful impact on an employer who is looking for important clues as to your qualifications and value to their company. Used often and properly during the job interview, these KeyWords and phrases are the ultimate indicators of job “fit.”

Here’s one of the most important books to getting your “best” job offer. Focusing on the all-important job interview, one of America’s leading resume and KeyWord experts now shares her inside secrets to using KeyWords and KeyWord Phrases throughout the job interview.

Richly illustrated with examples, she identifies hundreds of words and phrases relevant to each of 16 major industries and professions:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Banking and Investment
  • Customer Service
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Retail
  • Health Care
  • Hospitality
  • Human Resources
  • Human Services
  • International Business
  • Legal
  • Manufacturing
  • Technology
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Senior and Executive Management

Organized by each profession and filled with examples of industry-specific KeyWords and KeyWord Phrases, this is the perfect guide to speaking the language of employers!

An added bonus is the book’s more than 500 Action Verbs, High-Impact Phrases, and Personality Descriptors, all of which enable you to punctuate your resume, cover letters, and interviews with dynamic energy, power, and pizzazz.

Don’t go into that job interview without first reviewing the powerful language outlined in this unique book on how you can best nail the interview and get what you have been working so hard toward – the job offer. It can make the difference between success and failure! 189 pages. February 2004.

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  1. Introduction to KeyWord Interviewing
  2. Using Your KeyWord Resume and KeyWord Cover Letter for Powerful Interviews
  3. Strategies and Techniques for KeyWord-Based Interviewing
  4. KeyWord Interview Toolkit for the Accounting and Finance Professional
  5. KeyWord Interview Toolkit for the Banking and Investment Professional
  6. KeyWord Interview Toolkit for the Customer Service Professional
  7. KeyWord Interview Toolkit for the Education Professional
  8. KeyWord Interview Toolkit for the Engineering Professional
  9. KeyWord Interview Toolkit for the International Business Professional
  10. KeyWord Interview Toolkit for the Health Care Professional
  11. KeyWord Interview Toolkit for the Hospitality Professional
  12. KeyWord Interview Toolkit for the Human Resource Professional
  13. KeyWord Interview Toolkit for the Human Services Professional
  14. KeyWord Interview Toolkit for the Legal Professional
  15. KeyWord Interview Toolkit for the Manufacturing Professional
  16. KeyWord Interview Toolkit for the Retail Professional
  17. KeyWord Interview Toolkit for the Sales and Marketing Professional
  18. KeyWord Interview Toolkit for Senior Managers and Executives
  19. KeyWord Interview Toolkit for the Technology Professional
  20. Action Verbs, High-Impact Phrases, and Personality Descriptors

Ten years ago no one had ever heard of KeyWords, yet alone KeyWord Resumes, KeyWord Scanning, or KeyWord-Based Interviewing. Today, however, the concept of KeyWords is everywhere you look and a vital component for every job seekers success. Consider this:

  • You talk to a resume writer, recruiter, career coach, career counselor, outplacement consultant, or human resources professional, and each of them stresses the importance of KeyWords in today’s competitive job search market.
  • You read an article on the latest employment trends and the focus of the article is on the Internet and KeyWord Scanning as a method for identifying potential hires with the right skills and qualifications.
  • You attend a job search training seminar, and the facilitator stresses how critical KeyWords are when writing a great resume and nailing your interviews.
  • You listen to a CNN news broadcast about the latest employment trends and the reporter highlights the importance of KeyWords in today’s electronic job search market.
  • You purchase a book on resume writing, cover letter writing, job search, or interviewing, and the focus of each book is on KeyWords and how vital they are to your successful job search campaign.
  • You search the Internet for job leads and postings, and virtually every ad instructs you to include the appropriate KeyWords in your resume, cover letter, and other job search communications.
  • You consult with an interview coach and she stresses the importance of KeyWords in crafting powerful responses to each and every interview question.

Yet, KeyWords are nothing new. In fact, you’ve probably used many of them throughout your working life.

They are buzz words – the hot words associated with a specific industry, profession, or job function – that clearly communicate a specific message about a specific job function, qualification, accomplishment, or responsibility.

KeyWord examples include employee relations (for human resource professionals), new product launch (for Marketing professionals), contract negotiations (for Sales professionals), distribution management (for Transportation professionals), ISO 14000 (for Manufacturing professionals), and network design (for Information Technology professionals).

Today, trends in resume writing, interviewing, hiring, and employment have changed, greatly influenced by the tremendous competition in the job search market and the recent difficult economic times.

To be effective in your job search and catch an employers interest, resumes, cover letters, and your responses to interview questions must be action-driven and clearly demonstrate the value you bring to a company. And there is no better manner in which to accomplish this than with the use of powerful KeyWords and KeyWord phrases that showcase your qualifications, capabilities, and skills.

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