Keys to Job Success (game)


Gives players vital knowledge that they need to succeed in a new job.

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This educational game is designed to give players the knowledge and skills they need to succeed on their hard-won new jobs. The game focuses on four main areas crucial to job success:
  • job performance
  • following the rules (including unwritten rules)
  • showing initiative
  • dealing with people (bosses, co-workers, and customers)
Players learn practical skills for succeeding in all four of these vital areas. In the game, Jennifer is a new employee at Martins Department Store. She faces problems and opportunities typical of those faced by new employees.
Players earn play money by giving her good vice on how to handle problems and take advantages of opportunities as they arise. With good advice, Jennifer can turn an entry level job into a successful career.
Players learn that how Jennifer deals with the problems and opportunities will determine whether she will progress from a low-paying entry job to more responsible and better paying positions, or whether she will be stuck in a low paying job for the foreseeable future, or even wind up back on the unemployment line.
Suitable for grade 8 – adults.



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