Keys to Getting Hired for Job Seekers Over 50 (video series)


This new 3-program video series is specifically for job seekers over 50 – a population that faces numerous barriers in their job search. A must-have for any organization, agency, or service that works with people over 50.

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#5516. Job seekers over 50 are confronted by obstacles. Many employers perceive that older job seekers lack energy, motivation, and adaptability. Younger hiring managers may be reluctant to hire an employee many years older than them, and some firms may even discriminate due to perceived health issues that would cause the companys insurance premiums to increase. In short, older job seekers face hidden discrimination that makes job seeking even more difficult than it already is.
Fortunately, this new 3-program video series, sold on a single DVD, will assist those job seekers in overcoming the additional barriers they have, and get a good job quickly.
While these videos do not need to be shown sequentially, the best impact is for job seekers to view all three. The series can be used in group workshops or job clubs; to supplement a job search or work prep curriculum; or for individual study and research.
Each program is 15-20 minutes in length. April 2015. SPECIAL: $337.50 for the 3-program series on a single DVD. Can purchase separately at $125.00 per DVD.
Click here to view a video clip of this 3-program series.
The series consists of:
    • Job Search Steps That Get Results for Job Seekers Over 50:  Viewers learn how to efficiently market themselves as excellent job candidates. In this program, viewers discover how to expand their network, find open positions, stay motivated, and overcome employment obstacles. Topics covered include:
      • Overcoming age biases and age-based discriminatory practices
      • Expand your network
      • Find open positions
      • Stay motivated
      • Get comfortable with and use social media to its best advantage
      • Overcome employment obstacles
    • Resumes and Cover Letters That Work for Job Seekers Over 50:  The resume and cover letter have a job: to quickly convince employers to contact the candidate. In this program, viewers discover how to customize these documents to effectively introduce themselves to employers and get interviews. The video presents information on the different types of resumes and includes tips from professional career coaches for creating, formatting, and submitting resumes and cover letters. Topics covered include:
      • Use the resume style that is appropriate for your situation
      • Learn which experiences are most relevant to include in the resume
      • Tailor your resume and cover letter to different job openings
      • Format your resume to pass screening software
      • Use keywords from job postings
      • Show how your skills and experience match positions’ requirements
  • Ace the Interview and Get the Job for Job Seekers Over 50: Research, practice, and preparation are essential for interview success. This program shows how to master these important steps and know what to expect in different types of interviews. Viewers learn how to make a great first impression and convince employers you are the right person to hire. Topics covered include:
    • The best ways to research potential employers and open positions
    • How to talk about yourself without sounding boastful
    • Learn the best way to address any age biases that seem present
    • How to connect your skills to employers needs
    • Learn about the most common interview blunders
    • Dressing appropriately for interviews
    • Keys to following up with employers to secure job offers



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