Job Survival: How to Adjust to the Workplace and Keep Your Job (workbook) (3rd Edition)


The ideal job retention workbook for students and adults who have trouble keeping jobs, who need to improve basic behaviors, and who have low reading levels and language difficulties.

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By Dixie Lee Wright

#4013  This workbook, now in its third edition, teaches readers how to adjust to their workplaces and retain their jobs. It covers the basic job retention topics, including attitude, skills, goals, problem solving, stress, following rules, and having good habits and manners.

Written at the 6th grade reading level, its focus is on students and adults with low reading levels, different job needs, and other special needs.

The material is presented in a very simplified and visual way, making it easy to understand for at-risk youths, TANF recipients, and others with special needs.

Each page contains easy-to-understand activities. This workbook helps readers with key job survival objectives:

  • Adjust to the workplace – it will not adjust to you
  • Improve work attitude and become more successful
  • Set goals and solve problems
  • Understand workplace rules, both spoken and unspoken
  • Develop good work habits and character traits
  • Learn to capitalize on your best workplace skills

Key features include:

  • Addresses the most important job retention topics
  • Includes many easy-to-understand hands-on activities
  • Written and presented at a low reading level
  • Helps readers develop an understanding of workplace structure and how it can change
  • Excellent follow-up material for Job Smarts

New in this edition are:

  • Updated material throughout
  • Additional workplace scenarios in each chapter
  • A new chapter, “Job Security,” on keeping a job in tough economic times

208 pages. 8½ x 11. Softcover. 2010. $29.00. SPECIALS: 10 copies for $267.95, 100 copies for $2,359.00, and 1,000 copies for $22,999.00.

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