Job Seeker’s Workbook (2nd Edition)


Accompanies the Welfare to Work Video Series but can be used alone in a classroom or workforce development training session.

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By the Editors at JIST

#5813  Job Seeker’s Workbook has many interactive worksheets, charts, and checklists. It is excellent for job seekers with a lower reading level or limited English skills (ESL/GED programs). The activities can be used in class or assigned as homework.

With this workbook, readers learn to:

  • Understand and set goals
  • Recognize their job skills
  • Organize their job searches and use job search tools
  • Make contacts to discover available jobs
  • Prepare and follow up for interviews
  • Be successful on the job

Features of the workbook include:

  • Contains a budgeting component
  • Uses checklists and tips to make the content easy and readable
  • Provides forms to use in maintaining contact and employer research records, a daily job search schedule, and more
  • Includes simple but excellent examples, such as a reference list, salary history, thank-you letter, and e-mail message, and several resumes and cover letters

80 pages. Softcover. 8½ x 11. 2007. $19.95. SPECIALS: 10 copies for $179.95; 100 copies for $1,599.00; 1,000 copies for $14,995.00.



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