Job Search Knowledge Scale (3rd Edition)


This inventory helps you determine how much you know about looking for work.

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By John Liptak, Ed.D.

#4830  This inventory helps test takers determine how much they know about looking for a job. Test takers respond to the 60 true/false statements and learn which job search skills they need to develop further in order to find a job more effectively. The inventory also offers guidance on the job search methods that work best and includes room for test takers to write down their job search goals.

Assesses job search knowledge in these essential areas:

  • Identifying job leads
  • Applying directly to employers
  • Writing resumes and cover letters
  • Interviewing for a job
  • Following up after the interview

The assessment can be administered to individuals or groups. It is written for those who are at or above the 8th grade reading level. None of the items on the test is race- or gender-specific, thus making it appropriate for a variety of audiences and populations.

8½ x 11. Opens to 8 panels (17 x 22). Self-scoring and self-interpreting. Suitable for high school to adults. © 2015.

PRICE: One package of 25 instruments for $75.00. SPECIALS: 10 packages (250) for $719.50; 20 packages (500) for $1,399.00; 40 packages (1,000) for $2,599.00; 60 packages (1,500) for $3,719.00; 80 packages (2,000) for $4,799.00; 100 packages (2,500) for $5,799.00.

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1 package (25), 10 packages (250), 20 packages (500), 40 packages (1,000), 60 packages (1,500), 80 packages (2,000), 100 packages (2,500)


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