Job Search Basics (3rd Edition) (workbook)


Written for youth through adults, this workbook covers all the essentials in conducting an effective job search.

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By Michael Farr

#4091  Clearly and succinctly, and written at 5th-6th grade reading level for youth through adults, this workbook presents the most important information on the key job search topics:

  • Identifying skills
  • Completing a job application
  • Networking
  • Directly contacting an employer
  • Preparing for an interview

This workbook combines the four Job Search Basics products: Identify Your Skills, Introduction to Job Applications, Two Best Ways to Find a Job, and Why Should I Hire You? workbooks into one versatile curriculum.

Features easy-to-follow organization, readily recognized icons, extra space in worksheets for writing, and interesting photographs. 240 pages. 8 x 10. April 2006. $32.00. SPECIALS: 10 copies for $302.00; 100 copies for $2,805.00.



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