Job Interview Tips for People With Not-So-Hot Backgrounds (2nd Edition — New Title)


What should you say at a job interview if you have red flags in your background: you’re a job hopper, lack focus, been incarcerated, experienced drug and alcohol problems, got fired, dropped out of school, received poor grades, lack experience, or appear over-qualified? This book reveals useful tips for landing a job despite red flags in one’s background.

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ISBN: 978-1-57023-401-9 (new 2020 edition)



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By Ronald L. Krannich, Ph.D

Tell Me the Truth About You – Why Hire Someone With Your Red Flags?

#9520  You must do well in the job interview to get the ultimate prize – a job offer. But what should you do if you have red flags in your background? Can you persuade employers to hire you despite your spotted past?

Savvy employers want to know the truth about you – no lies, no deception, no dancing around questions. So when and how will you tell the truth? Here’s the book that sheds light on this critical issue for millions of people with difficult but promising backgrounds. While most interview books are designed for the perfect job seeker – someone who is well-educated, credentialed, goal-oriented, skilled, and accomplished — this book is for those who struggle to get ahead with less than stellar backgrounds. Examining the whole interview process, from preparation to accepting an offer and negotiating salary, it focuses on 10 important red flags employers view as potential job knockouts:

  • No experience
  • Poor grades
  • Lack diploma/degree
  • Been fired
  • Job hopper
  • Poor references
  • Criminal record
  • Substance abuse
  • Over-qualified
  • Weak job/career focus

Stressing the importance of thorough preparation, the book shows how to best handle each red flag by offering useful strategies along with sample red flag Q&As. The book also examines:

  • 35 common interview errors you must avoid
  • 101 questions asked at most job interviews
  • Key nonverbal knockout behaviors, from dress to eye contact
  • Examples, stories, and dialogues that impress employers
  • Best ways to address 10 red flags in the interview
  • Expert follow up and salary negotiation techniques
  • Key resources — from books and videos to websites and blogs
  • Ways to clean up online red flags and reputation issues

Whatever you do, make sure you speak the language of employers who are looking for truthfulness, character, and value in candidates. With the help of this book, you’ll quickly turn your red flags into green lights for renewed job and career success!


ISBNs: 978-1-57023-401-9 (paperback)

978-1-57023-404-0 (eBook)

160 pages, Copyright © 2020, $19.95

Categories: Jobs/Careers/Business


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  1. The Perfect Outlier
  2. What Employers Need and Want
  3. People With Difficult Backgrounds
  4. Clues for Successful “Fit”
  5. Identify Your Red Flags, Present Your Best Self
  6. Prepare for the Verbal Exchange
  7. Nonverbal Behaviors and Mixed Messages
  8. Impress the Interviewer
  9. Avoid 35 Common Interview Errors
  10. Key Questions You’ll Most Likely Face and Ones You Must Ask
  11. 10 Red Flag Q&As With Memorable Examples and Short Stories
  12. Close and Follow Up the Interview
  13. Negotiate Salary & Benefits to Your Advantage: How to Talk Money to Power
  14. Getting Help When Necessary
  15. Handling Your Online Red Flags and Persona
  16. Index
  17. Career Resources

THE AUTHOR: Ronald L. Krannich, Ph.D., is one of today’s leading career transition writers who has authored more than 100 books, including several self-help guides for people with difficult backgrounds: No One Will Hire Me!,The Ex-Offender’s New Job Finding and Survival Guide, The Ex-Offender’s Re-Entry Assistance Directory, Best Resumes and Letters for Ex-Offenders, The Ex-Offender’s Job Interview Guide, Best Jobs for Ex-Offenders, The Ex-Offender’s Re-Entry Success Guide, The Ex-Offender’s Quick Job Hunting Guide, The Ex-Offender’s 30/30 Job Solution, 99 Days to Re-Entry Success Journal, The Re-Entry Employment and Life Skills Pocket Guide, The Re-Entry Start-Up Pocket Guide, The Anger Management Pocket Guide, The Re-Entry Personal Finance Pocket Guide, and Re-Imagining Life on the Outside Pocket Guide. A former Peace Corps Volunteer, Fulbright Scholar, university professor, management trainer, and travel writer, Ron specializes in producing and distributing books, DVDs, training programs, and related materials on employment, career transition, addiction, anger management, criminal justice, and life skills. The previous edition of this book, published asJob Interview Tips for People With Not-So-Hot Backgrounds: How to Put Red Flags Behind You to Win the Job, was co-authored by Ron’s deceased partner, Dr. Caryl Rae Krannich. Much of her work is incorporated in this new edition.



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1, 10, 100, 1000


1, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000


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