Interview Tips and Etiquette posters (laminated unframed)


These five colorful posters emphasize the importance of the job interview in order to land a job.

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These five colorful posters (17″ by 22″) emphasize the importance of the job interview in order to land a job. Click on the poster titles below to view the posters. $59.95 for the set.

  • Your first interview should always be with yourself. PRACTICE! Look closely at yourself. What traits do you have to offer? Be ready to share how your skills and attributes could benefit the company. Explain why you are the right person for the job.
  • You get ONE chance to make a first impression. Dress conservatively. Show up looking neat and clean. Use deodorant. If you are not sure what to wear, call and ask the human resource department for appropriate attire. Be friendly and courteous to everyone. It’s almost impossible to say please and thank you too much. Avoid any bad habits like chewing gum, picking or biting your nails, playing with your hair.
  • Take the time to be…ON TIME. You MUST arrive on time, but no more than a few minutes early. Call for directions and/or drive by ahead of time. Make sure you have all needed materials on hand – resume, referrals, portfolio. Have the name and telephone number of the interviewer with you.
  • Get in the know before the show. RESEARCH! Be prepared and know about the company before you interview: history, products, goals, service, company culture, reputation. Use your resources: Read reports, looking at company brouchures, check out the company’s Web page. Contact someone you know who works at the company.
  • If this job’s for you, SHOW it! Smile and make eye contact with the interviewer. Sit after the interviewer sits. Listen carefully, pause, and answer all questions thoughtfully. Be aware of your body language, maintain good posture, and show energy. Avoid interrupting, pointing, chewing gum, and talking with your mouth full. Have a positive attitude, be enthusiastic and honest. Follow up with a THANK YOU!




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