Interview Skills for the Future Series (DVDs)


This fast-moving series illustrates proper techniques for successful interviewing.

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This video series illustrates proper techniques for successful interviewing. The programs are fast-moving and show future-oriented work environments. Students will appreciate the clear, easily learned skills. Also included are interviews with professionals who share their tips.

Each DVD comes with reproducible worksheets. Viewing time: 20 minutes each. Suitable for Grade 6-adult. Copyright 1991, 2008. Can purchase each DVD separately for $98.00. SPECIAL: The three-program series for $275.00.

  • Nerves, Sweat, and Fear: The Basics of Interview Preparation – Explores the essentials of resume writing and the job application procedure, how to research a company, and how to find out who will conduct the interview. Emphasizes thorough preparation before the interview.
  • A Two-Way Street: Interview Skills in Action – Goes step by step through the interview process, from the greeting through a series of questions to the closing. Shows what to wear, the importance of arriving on time, acting relaxed, and being aware of nonverbal behaviors. Also shows how to practice answering various likely interview questions and how to follow up after the interview.
  • Special Interview Challenges: Minorities, Women and People With Disabilities – This DVD is for those special groups that have a had a hard time breaking through traditional hiring barriers. Anti-discrimination laws are discussed, as well as the many ways these groups can counteract discrimination. Interview questions that are illegal are also discussed.




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