Interview for Success (8th Edition)


This popular book, now in its 8th edition, focuses on all aspects of job interviews. Not to be missed!

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ISBN: 1-57023-190-7

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By Caryl and Ron Krannich, Ph.Ds

Featured in the “National Business Employment Weekly” of the Wall Street Journal, this newest edition remains one of today’s most important interview books.

Designed to easily prepare job seekers for all types of job interviews, Interview for Success is packed with solid advice, including how to best prepare for different types of interviews, handle stress, observe etiquette, gather information, formulate key questions, rehearse tough questions, dress appropriately, listen effectively, negotiate a salary figure, and handle the critical post-interview period.

An ideal resource for anyone organizing a job search and preparing for the critical job interview. 6 x 9. 221 pages. 2002.



  • Manage the Interview for Success
  • Test Your I.Q. for Success
  • Interview Myths and Realities
  • Organize Your Job Search
  • Encounter Different Types of Interviews
  • Network for Interviews
  • Prepare for Job Interviews
  • Begin the Interview
  • Communicate Nonverbally
  • Manage the Verbal Interchange
  • Negotiate Salary
  • Close, Follow Up, and Implement
  • Maxims for Effective Interviewing
  • Appendix A: Approach Letters
  • Appendix B: Thank You Letters
  • Appendix C: Key Career Planning/Job Search Resources

From the PREFACE:

Landing a good job and advancing one’s career requires more than sending resumes and letters and waiting to be called for an interview. Increasingly job seekers must move from relatively passive job search activities to those involving greater initiative for uncovering job leads and scheduling interviews.

This book is designed to assist you in moving to these active job search activities – getting and conducting interviews in today’s job market.

We wrote this book because we saw a need for an interview book that would do seven things not found in most other interview books:
  • Place the job interview within the larger career planning and job search process while, at the same time, deal with the form, structure, and substance of job interviews.

  • Treat the interview as a skill that can be learned and applied.

  • Specify how to organize oneself for getting, conducting, and following up the interview.

  • Treat the interview as a critical communication process involving both verbal and nonverbal communication as well as written and oral examination.

  • Examine in how-to terms all of the critical steps in the interview process, from networking to writing thank you letters.

  • Offer examples and dialogues to illustrate key points rather than present “scripts” to be used in playing interview roles.

  • Present a complete, concise, and easy-to-use guide to quickly prepare anyone for a job interview.

Throughout this book we stress the importance of communication in the job search. The interview is communication. Its channels are letters, resumes, telephones, the Internet, and face-to-face meetings.

Its goals, settings, formats, and techniques are varied. The sooner you recognize the interview as an important verbal and nonverbal communication encounter, the better you will present yourself in the job search.

We’ve attempted to craft an interview book that would be as complete, concise, and honest as possible. When addressing key elements in the interview process – especially interviewer-interviewee dialogues – we include the minimum amount of necessary how-to information without belaboring points or overwhelming you with exercises, examples, or illustrations.

At no point do we suggest you arm yourself with exercises, examples, or illustrations. At no point do we suggest you arm yourself with someone else’s “canned” answers to interview questions.

To do so would be contrary to our notion of what you should be communicating in your job search – your strengths and value. Interviewing is not, and should never be, a game of acquiring and memorizing scripts for playing a role.

Throughout your job search you must be honest with yourself and prospective employers. For how well you do in the interview merely sets the stage for how well you will do and how happy you will be on the job.

You should read this book at least a week or two before an interview to allow sufficient time to work through the strengths identification exercises and to anticipate questions and consider positive responses.

However, should you be short on time – only a day or two until the interview – go directly to Chapter 3 as well as complete Chapters 7-13. Together these sections constitute a “crash course” on interviewing.

Most important, though, is how you use this book. Reading it is the first step.

As with any how-to book, you must get motivated and take action to make it work for you. If you want to interview for success, you must carefully examine both how and what you will communicate to interviewers as well as make whatever changes are necessary to clearly communicate your strengths and value.

If you do this, you will join thousands of others who each day successfully apply our strategies to interview for success!


“One of the best career books of the last few years…presents literally hundreds of tips for more successful job interviews.”
Career Opportunities News

“Our enthusiastic and wholehearted recommendation. In every field of endeavor, good craftsmanship is to be recognized, appreciated, and held out as the standard for others in the field. Interview for Success is just such an accomplishment.”
The Midwest Book Review

“Really helpful. This is not your run-of-the-mill self-help interview book. A very good book for the seasoned job seeker or student preparing to embark on a long successful career.”
Book Chatter

“Worth the price…ideas and strategies are convincingly presented in a logical, organized sequence and are written with unusual simplicity and clarity. I recommend it to job seekers.”
Journal of Career Planning and Employment

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