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If you’re not using the Internet in your job search, you’ve been missing out on the easiest, least expensive, and broadest method

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ISBN: 1-57023-094-3

By Peter Weddle

If you’re not using the Internet in your job search, you’ve been missing out on the easiest, least expensive, and broadest method for marketing your skills and qualifications to future employers!

Today, you can’t afford not to include an Internet component in your job search. A large and growing number of employers of all sizes and industries are turning to the Internet to recruit top quality candidates who command top salaries in today’s highly competitive job market. This tool is no longer reserved for technical fields; employers are seeking a wide array of occupational fields, at levels ranging from hourly employees to senior executives. Many employers no longer announce positions in newspapers or recruit through employment firms and headhunters, relying instead on the Internet as the most efficient and effective way to find top quality candidates.

To maximize your resumes effectiveness, you need to tailor it for cyberspace. Without an Internet resume, your qualifications may arrive at their final destination in a garbled, unattractive format if they arrive at all – effectively diminishing your chances for a dream job! If you’ve already posted your resume online, follow the criteria outlined in this ground-breaking book to maximize your impact in the job market. By following the advice of one of America’s leading career experts and Internet sleuths, you’ll discover the latest strategies and tips for writing, transmitting, and marketing your resume online to thousands of potential employers who may be seeking someone with your unique qualifications.

Internet Resumes shows you how to communicate your qualifications to employers via today’s most revolutionary job search medium – the Internet. Unlike other resume guides, this book:

  • organizes priorities and includes two state-of-the-art types of high tech resumes – electronic resumes and Internet resumes
  • shows how to find and evaluate key Internet sites for posting your resume
  • gives a competitive advantage in your job search
Don’t venture into cyberspace without first developing and marketing your resume according to the advice of this revolutionary resume book!
160 pages. Softcover. 1998.



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