Inside View of the Criminal Justice System (2-DVD program)


This series explains the entire system of jurisprudence, from investigation and arrest procedures to courtroom proceedings and sentencing.

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In this 2-part DVD series, lawyers, prosecutors, judges, and police officers move through the entire process of jurisprudence, from investigation and arrest procedures to courtroom proceedings and sentencing. Differences applicable to juvenile law are made clear.

These videos provide an excellent resource for political science or legal studies courses. DVDs only. 28-30 minutes each. 2001. Can purchase each DVD separately.

  • It’s the Law – 30 minutes, $89.95

    The laws of the criminal justice system are primarily framed by the Constitution, which sets the standards of due process. In this program, lawyers, prosecutors, and judges explain the differences between misdemeanors and felonies, the various degrees of crimes, and the elements of a crime.

    Investigation procedures in the gathering of evidence and statements are discussed. Legal experts and police officers clearly illustrate such concepts as 5th Amendment rights, Miranda warnings, the “stop and frisk” rule, search warrants, and the “knock and announce” rule. Probable cause and arrest procedures are also demonstrated.

  • Order in the Court – 28 minutes, $89.95

    In this program, legal experts explain pretrial and trial procedures, pointing out differences in juvenile proceedings.

    Judges and lawyers navigate the pretrial process, beginning with the establishment of probable cause and formal charging by grand jury. Indictment, pretrial release, bail, and arraignment are also discussed.

    Such concepts as an alibi, burden of proof, and reasonable doubt are clearly explained. Finally, a panel of experts comments on a sentencing hearing and punishment, along with the defendants constitutional right to appeal.




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