In Your Ear: The Job Interview (DVD & SV)


A career and communications coach shows a job seeker how to interview effectively for a job.

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#9269  With so much at stake in today’s job market, a job interview has to be handled just right. This program follows Peggy Klaus, a career and communications coach, as she takes an anxious job-seeker under her wing.

In a heady prep session, Peggy and her client discuss the importance of eye contact, confident body language, confident tone, and good grammar and vocabulary.

But Peggy takes her mentoring a step further: during the interview, she feeds instructions via a remote transmitter to the applicant, who wears a tiny earphone receiver. Peggy’s strategy focuses on dispelling naive expectations and forcing the potential employee to proactively drive the interview.

Viewing time: 11 minutes. Closed-captioned. © 2008.

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