I Am Potential: Eight Lessons on Living, Loving, and Reaching Your Dreams


An inspirational story of an incredible journey involving overcoming many barriers.

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By Patrick Henry Hughes

“I can’t see. I can’t walk, and can’t do lots of other things. With all this, people might think, ‘Gee, what a terrible thing. How could I bear to live like that?’

But I don’t view it that way. Through my trials, God has given me experiences that taught me important lessons about life, which help get me through each and every day. I’ve never felt any pressure to do more than I can, but I’m always expected to do all that I can. The greatest gift I can give back to others is to share those experiences and lessons.”
–Patrick Henry Hughes

Patrick Henry Hughes was born with an extremely rare genetic disorder: arms that could not straighten, legs that would never be able to walk, and, most devastating of all, permanent blindness. He had been born with no eyes.

His parents were determined that their child would grow up to be all that he could. At nine months, he began to play the piano, and soon his exceptional musical talent became evident.

In this book Patrick and his father share their incredible journey. This book is not only the son’s story but also the story of the bond between father and son. It is also a guide for those who strive to live their lives in a meaningful manner, showing that with faith, perseverance, and unconditional love, anything is possible to achieve.

240 pages. Softcover. 2008.



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