How to Write and Deliver Great Speeches (DVD)


The Toastmasters International Guide to Public Speaking

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#6737. One of the most powerful skills you’ll ever use is your ability to inform, persuade, and lead other people through public speaking. The secret is to learn the basics, and then take the time to prepare and practice. In this program you’ll learn:

  • Tips for writing a vivid and compelling speech.
  • Specific presentation skills for a polished delivery.
  • Ways to practice that improve the effectiveness of your talk.
  • Proven strategies to control nervousness so you will look forward to – and enjoy – speaking opportunities.

Narrated by Ross Shafer, professional speaker and winner of six Emmy Awards, this program tells the personal stories of three different individuals, each faced with a challenging presentation. You’ll follow along as they gain the confidence and skills that lead to great speeches.

Whether you’ll be speaking to a large crowd in a huge auditorium, or to a select few in the confines of a business meeting or boardroom, you’ll learn the techniques that will help you gain the attention and respect of your audience. You’ll also learn how to overcome the all-too-common feelings of stage fright that might otherwise take the fun out of public speaking.

Viewing time: 35 minutes. Closed-captioned. $275.00.

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