How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age


This book rewrites Dale Carnegie’s prescriptions and advice for today’s difficult digital age, as we communicate differently but the basic advice remains the same.

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By Dale Carnegie and Associates
Dale Carnegies commonsense approach to communicating has endured for a century, touching millions and millions of readers. The only diploma that hangs in Warren Buffetts office is his certificate from Dale Carnegie Training. Lee Iacocca credits Carnegie for giving him the courage to speak in public. Dilbert creator Scott Adams called Carnegies teachings life-changing.
In todays world, where more and more of our communication takes place across wires and screens, Carnegies lessons have not only lasted but become all the more critical. Though he never could have predicted technologys trajectory, Carnegie proves a wise and helpful teacher in this digital landscape.
To demonstrate the many ways his lessons remain relevant, Dale Carnegie & Associates, Inc., has reimagined his prescriptions and his advice for this difficult digital age. We may communicate today with different tools and with greater speed, but Carnegies advice on how to communicate, lead, and work efficiently remains priceless across the ages.
272 pages. Softcover. 2013.



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