How to Be Your Own Therapist


Enables you to develop the skills to face challenges without creating the dependency that is so often a result of traditional therapy.

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As countless people have discovered, the help of a professional psychotherapist in the face of life’s challenges can be an effective, even transformative process. In certain situations, it is the most appropriate choice. But for many, there is another, virtually overlooked option: you may be best equipped to be your own therapist. In this insightful, innovative, and exceptionally honest book, Dr. Patricia Farrell draws from her 20 years as a licensed therapist to show you how to heal yourself more rapidly, more permanently, and certainly less expensively.

Whether or not you choose to seek professional help, in confronting and exploring your personal issues, you embark on a journey to the center of yourself. And the fact is that you know your own emotional terrain better than anyone on this earth. What you really need is a tour guide, and the right tools for your journey. The accessible, step-by-step approach in How To Be Your Own Therapist enables you to develop the innate skills to face a lifetime of challenges without creating the dependency that is so often a result of traditional therapy.

Shared here are the techniques and exercises Dr. Farrell uses to promote successful results in her own patients patients whom she quickly enables to move into independent problem-solving action. After determining, with the help of this book, whether self-therapy is right for you, you will be prepared to discover and utilize the 10 practical tools that will help you make the changes you want in your life. These highly effective “power tools” include how to:

  • Open Your Eyes and Face Reality
  • Make Lots of Mistakes
  • Act Like the Person You Want to Be
  • Fire Your Parents
  • Accept Yourself, Warts and All

Also included are dozens of proven self-assessment tests, compelling case studies, and helpful symptom-identification sidebars to help you gain a new understanding of therapy and of your own ability to find a renewed, healthier, more powerful self. 288 pages. Oct. 2002. Hardcover: $21.95.


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