Haldane’s Best Salary Tips for Professionals


Focuses on one of the most popular job search subjects today – how to negotiate a higher salary.

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ISBN: 1-57023-167-2

By Bernard Haldane Associates

#2507  Most people believe they are worth more than what’s reflected in their current paycheck. While they may feel underpaid, few of them are prepared to do much about it, including talking about money with those who write their paycheck.

When, for example, was the last time you approached your boss for a raise…and got it? When was the last time you quit your job and found one that paid what you felt you were really worth? And when was the last time you confidently went into a salary negotiation session and came out with exactly what you wanted? If you are like most job seekers, you could use some sound advice on improving your salary negotiation skills.

Here’s the book that may be worth thousands of dollars in additional income. Reflecting more than 50 years of experience in working with over 600,000 clients, Haldane’s Best Salary Tips For Professionals reveals a wealth of strategies and tips on how to effectively negotiate a compensation package that truly reflects your value in today’s job market. Outlining numerous salary mistakes job seekers make, as well as offering a quiz to assess your salary negotiating skills, this well-focused book shares numerous insights for becoming a savvy salary negotiator. It shows how to:

  • determine your market value
  • respond to questions about salary history or requirements
  • postpone salary discussions until the appropriate time
  • persuade an employer to show his hand first
  • respond to an offer with a powerful 30-second pause
  • negotiate important benefits and perks
  • handle objections to your salary request
  • offer incentivized pay and renegotiation options
  • request time to consider an offer
  • ask for a raise and get a promotion

Based on the unique career management principles of Bernard Haldane Associates (www.jobhunting.com), this book may well become your most trusted resource for talking money to power. Whether you’re discussing money with an employer or your boss, you’ll find Haldane’s time-honored salary negotiation principles can make a big difference in the size and shape of your compensation package. Whatever you do, make sure you review this book before responding to a request for salary information, going to a job interview, discussing compensation, or accepting a job offer.


  • Money, Money, Money in Your Job Search – Provides an introduction to the subject of salary negotiation and an overview of the book.
  • Common Mistakes You Must Avoid – Reviews many common blunders job seekers make when negotiating as well as outlining key skills of savvy salary negotiators.
  • Compensation Options and Issues – Reviews various compensation alternatives that you should consider before entering into a salary negotiation session.
  • Calculate Your Worth – Offers numerous tips on how you can best figure how much you are really worth in today’s job market.
  • Deal Effectively With Compensation Issues – Outlines key compensation issues you need to handle in any salary negotiation, with special reference to keeping focused on what’s really important to you and the employer.
  • Salary Questions to Ask and Answer – Addresses common situations in which you are requested to provide a salary history or salary requirements; offers tips on how to deal with questions that may prematurely reveal your hand and thus put you at a disadvantage.
  • Negotiate the Compensation Package – Takes you through the process of negotiating compensation, from who should initiate the subject to actually signing a compensation agreement.
  • Getting Raises and Promotions – Offers numerous tips on addressing compensation issues once on the job in the form of raises and promotions.
  • The Quick and Easy Salary Advisor – Includes dozens of questions and corresponding answers relating to some of the most important compensation issues facing job seekers.
  • Appendix – Includes a directory of Bernard Haldane Associates offices in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.



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