Haldane’s Best Resumes for Professionals


Rediscover the foundations of career counseling with this outstanding guide to resume writing, production, distribution, and follow-up.

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ISBN: 1-57023-109-5

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By Bernard Haldane Associates

Employers can’t afford to hire people who cannot demonstrate a pattern of accomplishments. They want people who know what they want to do and have the requisite skills to help grow their company.

So, does your resume represent someone who could potentially solve an employer’s hiring problem? Does it clearly communicate to employers exactly what you have done, can do, and will do for them? Is your resume employer-centered rather than self-centered? Does it present a pattern of accomplishments that is desired by today’s employers? Does it speak the language of employers who will immediately want to invite you for a job interview? Is it ready to be mailed, faxed, scanned, or e-mailed? If you write a Haldane resume, the answer is “yes” to all of these questions.

Here’s the first book to reveal the secrets of writing a resume based upon the pioneering job search methods of Bernard Haldane Associates, America’s oldest and most respected career management firm. Reflecting more than 50 years of experience in working with over 600,000 clients, the book outlines the key principles involved in writing, producing, distributing, and following up resumes:

  • Success Factor Analysis
  • Employer-centered objectives
  • Motivated skills and abilities
  • Patterns of accomplishments
  • Combination or hybrid resumes
  • Targeted distribution

Designed for professionals seeking to change jobs or careers, or experiencing job loss, the book also dispels numerous myths and includes a rich collection of resumes. These principle-based resumes illustrate how you can craft a resume that grabs the attention of employers. From both the principles and examples, you learn:
  • Why you must do first things first
  • How to bring focus to your job search
  • Where and when to include an objective
  • Why you need to stress your accomplishments
  • Where to include work history
  • What not to include on your resume
  • How to best distribute it to employers
  • When and how to follow up

Selected as one of the top 10 career books for 1999 by syndicated career columnist Joyce Lain Kennedy and career writer/publisher Ron Krannich, Ph.D. 237 pages. 8.5 x 11. 2000.

  • Welcome to 21st Century Employers and Resumes
  • What Employers Expect of Resumes Today
  • Haldane Behavior-Based Resumes
  • Myths, Realities, and Mistakes
  • Select the Right Resume for You
  • Identify the Unique You
  • Formulate Your Job Objective
  • Complete Each Resume Section
  • Produce, Distribute, and Follow-Up
  • Haldane Resume Transformations
  • Haldane’s Best Resumes
  • Appendix



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