Haldane’s Best Employment Websites For Professionals


Outlines the most important employment-related websites used by clients of Bernard Haldane Associates in organizing and implementing a success job search.

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ISBN: 1-57023-176-1

By Bernard Haldane Associates

Much of the traditional job search now takes place online. However, job seekers face a daunting task of navigating through a sea of employment-related websites. Over 100,000 websites, sponsored by employers, headhunters, professional associations, newspapers, and others, focus on various aspects of finding a job, with a decided emphasis on resumes and job postings. Primarily free to job seekers, most such sites instead serve the interests of employers and recruiters who need to cost effectively find and screen potential employees. But there is more to this story, as revealed in this book, that is very promising for savvy job seekers.

As a pioneer in developing career management approaches for millions of job seekers, Bernard Haldane Associates once again takes the lead in showing how to harness the power of the Internet to conduct an effective job search. Based on more than 50 years of experience, as well as its innovative Internet strategy, Bernard Haldane Associates takes a critical look in this book at nearly 1,500 employment-related websites relevant to job seekers. Organized around the principles of an effective job search, the book outlines a wealth of online employment resources:

  • Search engines, directories, and gateway job sites
  • Self-assessment and testing sites
  • Research, information, and advice sites
  • Networking and mentoring sites
  • Resume, job posting, and online application sites
  • Interview preparation and salary sites
  • Relocation and community-based sites
  • Industry and occupational specialty sites
  • Job seeker sites

Special chapters focus on key employment-related websites in Canada and the United Kingdom. Whatever you do, make sure you examine this insightful book before organizing a job search, posting a resume online, or responding to job listings. It could well change your life!

  • A Web of Career Opportunities
  • Organizing an Effective Job Search
  • Search, Directory, & Gateway Job Sites
  • Self-Assessment Sites
  • Research, Information, & Advice Sites
  • Networking, Support, & Mentoring Sites
  • Resume, Job Posting, & Application Sites
  • Interview and Compensation Sites
  • Relocation and Community Sites
  • Industry and Occupational Sites
  • Job Seeker Sites
  • Canadian Sites
  • United Kingdom Sites
  • Appendix: Bernard Haldane Associates Network


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