Haldane’s Best Cover Letters for Professionals


our cover letter may be more important to getting a job interview than your resume!

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ISBN: 1-57023-110-9

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By Bernard Haldane Associates

Your cover letter may be more important to getting a job interview than your resume! Indeed, one of the best kept secrets of effective job seekers is their letters. They write excellent resumes, but they also write, mail, fax, and e-mail lots of different types of targeted letters that perform several important functions:

  • Acquire information, advice, and referrals
  • Introduce themselves to strangers
  • Communicate their thoughtfulness
  • Accompany a resume
  • Follow up important conversations, meetings, and decisions
  • Maintain and expend their network of contacts

Overall, such letters communicate important qualities that are difficult to incorporate in a standard resume – personality, ability to communicate, likability, integrity, organization, and professional style. A carefully crafted letter, with or without an accompanying resume, can determine whether or not an employer likes you enough to invite you to a job interview and offer you a job.

Here’s the book that brings together more than 50 years of experience honed in working with over 600,000 clients who have written powerful Haldane letters that lead to job interviews and offers. Based on the pioneering career management work of Bernard Haldane Associates (www.jobhunting.com), the book reveals how to write letters that get results. Focusing on each job search step, the book incorporates key Haldane principles for writing a variety of job search letters:
  • Cover letters
  • Thank-you letters
  • “T” letters and Focus Pieces
  • Follow-up letters
  • Direct approach letters
  • Acceptance letters
  • Referral approach letters
  • Resignation and withdrawal letters

Going beyond canned examples of job search letters, this unique book includes several special features that reveal the effectiveness of the Haldane approach:
  • 65 myths and mistakes you should avoid
  • A 16-point self-assessment test
  • Haldane’s hallmark “T” letters and focus pieces
  • Sample telephone dialogues for conducting follow-ups
  • Tips on using e-mail and faxes
  • Rules for producing, distributing, and following up letters
  • A checklist for evaluating the potential effectiveness of letters
  • Advice on structuring each letter element
  • Nearly 50 examples of effective job search letters

Whatever you do, don’t venture into today’s job market without Haldane’s Best Cover Letters for Professionals! 163 pages. 8.5 x 11. 2000.

  • Cover Letters in Your Job Search
  • Myths, Realities, and Mistakes
  • Letters You Should Always Write
  • The Haldane Way: Methods, Mediums, and Messages
  • Structure, Style, and Content
  • Producing the Perfect Letter
  • Distributing It Right
  • Follow-Up and Evaluation
  • Haldane Cover Letters
  • Appendix



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