God’s Power to Change Your Life


This bestselling author addresses the top question he has been asked over the years: “Why can’t I change?”

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By Rick Warren

Bestselling author and inspirational minister to millions focuses on the number-one question he has been asked over the years: “Why can’t I change?” People want to change – but they’re stuck.

Drawing simple but powerful truths from the Bible, this book shows how to get unstuck. It’s what redemption is about. Power that cancels your past and sets you free to get on with life. Power to conquer your problems. Power to change.

Using a scripture-based approach, the author shows how to change in ten areas of your life, including becoming a more joyful person, cultivating a peaceful life in this uptight world, being a kinder, more gracious individual, replacing self-indulgence with self-control, and experiencing what the truly “good life” is all about.

224 pages. 2006. $16.99. SPECIAL: 10% discount when ordering 10+ copies.

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